Zaiban Marham (Pack of 3)


  • Relief for skin diseases
  • Natural skin treatment
  • Inflammation relief
  • Holistic skincare

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Rapid Relief with Zaiban Marham Cream

Tired of dealing with painful skin conditions that disrupt your daily life? Say goodbye to discomfort with Zaiban Marham, the ultimate natural treatment for a wide range of skin ailments. Our cream provides fast and effective relief from ringworms, itches, boils, eczema, and more, allowing you to reclaim control over your skin health.

Fast Absorption, Long-Lasting Relief

Don't let skin conditions hold you back any longer. Zaiban Marham Cream is specially designed for fast absorption, delivering a warming sensation and long-lasting relief from pain and inflammation. Whether you're dealing with itching, burning, or discomfort, our cream provides instant relief, so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Trust in Nature's Healing Power

With Zaiban Marham, you can trust in the power of nature to heal your skin. Our natural formula harnesses the therapeutic properties of carefully selected ingredients to target skin diseases at their source, providing you with effective relief and peace of mind. Experience the difference with Zaiban Marham and reclaim your skin's health today.


Each Tube Contains:

  • Sulphur rich oil shale ext = 2%
  • Camphor = 3%
  • Menthol = 0.75%
  • Thymol 3%


For external use only.
Don't use on children under 5 years

How long does it take to see results with Zaiban Marham?

The effectiveness of zaiban marham may vary depending on the severity of the skin condition and individual response. Some people may experience relief within a few days of use, while others may require longer treatment periods.

Zaiban Marham (Pack of 3)
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