D Rich Drops


  • Promotes Strong Immunity
  • Promotes Healthy Development Of Bones And Teeth
  • Prevents Certain Bone Diseases In Infants

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Nurturing New Life With D Rich Drops

Vitamin D is crucial for infants as it helps in the development of strong bones and teeth by aiding in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It also supports a healthy immune system and can help prevent conditions like rickets, a disease characterized by weakened or deformed bones.


Each Drop Contains:

  • Vitamin D3  = 400 IU


1-2 drops a day or as advised

How long should we give vitamin D drops to infants?

The duration for giving vitamin D drops to infants can vary depending on factors such as their overall health, diet, and exposure to sunlight. However, in general, pediatricians often recommend giving vitamin D drops to infants until they are consuming enough vitamin D through their diet, typically around one year of age. It's important to follow your pediatrician's advice regarding dosage and
duration based on your infant's specific needs.

D Rich Drops
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