Folease Softgel


  • Folease Support Healthy Fetal Development
  • It Helps In Red Blood Cell Formation
  • Prevents Certain Birth Defects

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Supports Healthy Pregnancy

Folease Softgels provides nutritional benefits to pregnant women, supporting both maternal wellness and the development of a healthy baby.

Promotes Red Blood Cells Formation

Folease Softgel plays a crucial role in revitalizing the production of red blood cells, ensuring optimal oxygen transport and vitality for expectant mothers.

Each Softgel Contains:

  • Folic Acid = 400 mcg


Adult: 1 Softgel Capsule thrice a day or as advised

How does Folease Softgel benefit pregnancy health?

Folease Softgel provides a concentrated dose of folic acid, which is crucial for the healthy development of the baby's neural tube. It helps to prevent certain birth defects. Additionally, adequate folic acid intake during pregnancy supports maternal
health and reduces the risk of complications. 

When should I start taking Folease Softgel and how often should I take it?

It is recommended to start taking Folease Softgel before conception and continue throughout pregnancy. Ideally, women of childbearing age should consume folic acid daily to ensure optimal levels before becoming pregnant. Once pregnant, it's advised to take one Folease Softgel daily or as directed by a healthcare professional, to support the
baby's development and maintain maternal health.

Folease Softgel
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