AtoD Drops


  • Support for a Healthy Immune System
  • It Contributes To Healthy Development Of Teeth And Bones
  • Promotes Healthy Vision

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Nutritions In Every Drop

AtoD drops provides lots of good things to babies. As it contains the power of 3 essential vitamins, vitamin A,E and D that helps them grow well. These vitamins are super important for making their bones strong, helping them fight off sicknesses, and making sure their eyes work properly. Vitamin D helps their bodies use calcium and phosphorus, which are like building blocks for strong bones and teeth. These drops also make their skin stay nice and can help stop skin problems. So, giving babies these drops helps them be strong and healthy as they grow up.


Each Drop Contains:

  • Vitamin D3 400 IU
  • Vitamin A 833 IU
  • Vitamin E 1mg


1-2 drops a day or as advised

Can I give my baby A to D drops if they are formula-fed or receiving fortified foods? 

Yes, you can still give your baby A to D drops
even if they are formula-fed or consuming fortified foods. While formula and fortified foods may contain some vitamins, the amounts may not be sufficient to
meet your baby's needs, especially for vitamin D. It's important to consult with your pediatrician to determine the appropriate dosage based on your baby's specific diet and nutritional requirements.

How long should I continue giving my baby vitamin A and D drops?

The duration of vitamin A and D supplementation for infants can vary depending on factors such as breastfeeding duration, dietary intake, and individual health needs. In general, it's recommended to continue giving the drops until your baby is getting an adequate amount of these vitamins from their diet, typically around the age of one year. Your pediatrician can provide personalized guidance on when to stop supplementation based on your baby's development and nutritional status.

AtoD Drops
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